The Girl Can’t Help It

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 12 Nov 2012

'Celebrates not only the music contained within the movie itself, but also a feast of sounds from every featured artists’ catalogue' NOW DIG THIS

'Fantastic Voyage continues to come up with clever compilations - ways of looking back at the past in new and different ways. With The Girl Can't Help It, they help celebrate one of rock's great movies, and in turn, help champion the early days of rock 'n' roll by spotlighting artists both legendary and obscure' ICON FETCH



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The Greatest Rock ’n’ Roll Film Of The 1950sThe Girl Can’t Help It brought rock ’n’ roll to groin-swivelling life in living colour, defining a new cultural revolution to focus a generation, providing a mutual relationship launch-pad for the likes of Lennon and McCartney, while setting a genre precedent which was never topped.

Part of a deluge of musical exploitation films released for the Christmas 1956 market, in the wake of the success of Rock Around The Clock earlier that year, The Girl Can’t Help It was distinct from most of its hastily-conceived rivals by being shot in glorious colour, and having both a witty script and thoughtfully integrated musical performances. Initially created by Looney Tunes/action movie veteran Frank Tashlin as a vehicle for new-blonde-on-the-block Jayne Mansfield, the film sparked worldwide teenage rampage when it first appeared in 1956, giving many their first taste of the uncaged phenomenon of rock ’n’ roll as the music’s hottest names strutted and wailed through what would become their signature songs, including Little Richard, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Fats Domino.

To celebrate the movie, music and all-star cast, Fantastic Voyage swing doctor Dave Penny has forged a colossal three-CD set based around the original soundtrack, kicking off with Little Richard’s three songs from the film (‘Ready Teddy’, ‘She’s Got It’ and dam-busting rock chick anthem title track), then another dozen affirmations of the pompadoured Georgia Peach’s unbridled gospel-charged piano-humping mayhem.

Disc One also features screaming sax honker Nino Tempo on both the film’s ‘Tempo’s Tempo’ and eight more tracks from its mothership album, Rock ’N’ Roll Beach Party (including the immortal ‘Turkey Gobbler’) plus Texan rocker Johnny Olenn’s ‘I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More’ and ‘My Idea Of Love’ from the film, and more from his Just Rollin’ With Johnny Olenn album.

Disc Two spotlights Gene Vincent, his ‘Be-Bop-A-Lula’ from the film, plus another seven tracks, including 1958’s ‘Git It’ (as later covered by Dave Edmunds) and four which appeared in the lesser-known Hot Rod Gang flick. Also here are Julie London (cheesecake chanteuse missus of the film’s soundtrack supplier Bobby Troup), rocker Eddie Fontaine, the Three Chuckles, Teddy Randazzo (with the now rather sinister-sounding ‘Be My Kitten Little Chicken’) and the great Abbey Lincoln injecting gospel passion with ‘Spread The Word’ (shortly before becoming one of the world’s leading firebrand jazz singers as wife of drummer Max Roach).

Larger-than-life Fats Domino looms over Disc Three with his ‘Blue Monday’ from the film joined by other celluloid sorties, including ‘Ain’t It A Shame’ and two others from Shake Rattle And Rock, plus others including showings in The Big Beat and Jamboree. He’s joined by the Treniers, built around twin brothers Cliff and Claude, whose ‘Rockin’ Is Our Bizness’ appeared in The Girl Can’t Help It, joined here by their showings in Don’t Knock The Rock, Teen Age Rebel, Jukebox Rhythm and Calypso Heat Wave. The Platters demonstrate why the rock ’n’ roll movie genre was so essential to their career, ‘You’ll Never Know’ from The Girl Can’t Help It joined by items they contributed to Rock Around The Clock, Rock All Night, Carnival Rock and Girls Town.  The set is completed by trumpet-titan Ray Anthony and a hidden track of Jayne Mansfield herself with her own ‘Just Plain Jayne’, completing a collection which explodes with all the energy, attitude and underlying musical flair which now sound like the perfect case for an axis-shifting revolution. The only missing ingredient is Elvis, offered the main male lead but scuppered by the Colonel’s financial demands. He didn’t do too bad but neither did the movie and stellar cast assembled on this brilliantly-executed manifesto for the movement it inspired.



  1. LITTLE RICHARD - The Girl Can’t Help It (from The Girl Can’t Help It, movie soundtrack version)
  2. LITTLE RICHARD - Ready Teddy (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  3. LITTLE RICHARD - She’s Got It (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  4. LITTLE RICHARD - Tutti-Frutti (from Don’t Knock The Rock)
  5. LITTLE RICHARD - Long Tall Sally (from Don’t Knock The Rock)
  6. LITTLE RICHARD - Lucille (from Mister Rock And Roll)
  7. LITTLE RICHARD - True Fine Mama
  8. LITTLE RICHARD - Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave
  10. LITTLE RICHARD - Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Peepin’ And Hidin’)
  11. LITTLE RICHARD - Miss Ann
  12. LITTLE RICHARD - Oh Why?
  13. LITTLE RICHARD - Rip It Up
  14. LITTLE RICHARD - Jenny, Jenny
  15. LITTLE RICHARD - All Around The World
  16. LITTLE RICHARD - The Girl Can’t Help It (from The Girl Can’t Help It, Specialty version)
  17. NINO TEMPO - Tempo’s Tempo (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  18. NINO TEMPO - Don’t Be Cruel
  19. NINO TEMPO - The Pot’s On
  20. NINO TEMPO - Uh-Uh
  21. NINO TEMPO - Heartburn Motel
  22. NINO TEMPO - Little Monster
  23. NINO TEMPO - Speak Low
  24. NINO TEMPO - June’s Blues
  25. NINO TEMPO - Turkey Gobbler
  26. JOHNNY OLENN - My Idea Of Love (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  27. JOHNNY OLENN - I Ain’t Gonna Cry No More (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  28. JOHNNY OLENN - Candy Kisses
  29. JOHNNY OLENN - Pipeliner’s Blues
  30. JOHNNY OLENN - Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down
  31. JOHNNY OLENN - Twenty-Four Hours
  32. JOHNNY OLENN - When My Dream Boat Comes Home
  33. JOHNNY OLENN - Oh! What A Dream
  34. JOHNNY OLENN - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


  1. EDDIE FONTAINE - Cool It Baby (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  2. EDDIE FONTAINE - It Ain’t Gonna Happen No More
  3. EDDIE FONTAINE - Honky Tonk Man
  4. EDDIE FONTAINE - One And Only
  5. EDDIE FONTAINE - Fun Lovin’
  6. EDDIE FONTAINE - Nothin’ Shakin’ (But The Leaves On The Tree)
  7. THE THREE CHUCKLES - Cinnamon Sinner (from The Girl Can’t Help It movie soundtrack)
  8. THE THREE CHUCKLES - We’re Gonna Rock Tonight (from Rock, Rock, Rock!)
  9. THE THREE CHUCKLES - Gypsy In My Soul
  10. THE THREE CHUCKLES - Won’t You Give Me A Chance (from Rock, Rock, Rock!)
  11. TEDDY RANDAZZO - Be My Kitten Little Chicken
  12. TEDDY RANDAZZO - Next Stop Paradise (from Mister Rock And Roll)
  13. ABBEY LINCOLN - Spread The Word (Spread The Gospel) (from The Girl Can’t Help It movie soundtrack)
  14. ABBEY LINCOLN - Lonesome Cup Of Coffee
  15. ABBEY LINCOLN - I Didn’t Say Yes
  16. ABBEY LINCOLN - The Answer Is No
  17. GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS - Be-Bop-A-Lula (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  19. GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS - Lotta Lovin’
  21. GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS - Dance In The Street (from Hot Rod Gang)
  22. GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS - Baby Blue (from Hot Rod Gang)
  23. GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS - Lovely Loretta (from Hot Rod Gang)
  24. GENE VINCENT & HIS BLUE CAPS - Dance To The Bop (from Hot Rod Gang)
  25. EDDIE COCHRAN - Twenty Flight Rock (from The Girl Can’t Help It, 1956 recording)
  26. EDDIE COCHRAN - Sittin’ In The Balcony
  27. EDDIE COCHRAN - Skinny Jim
  28. EDDIE COCHRAN - Completely Sweet
  29. EDDIE COCHRAN - Cotton Picker (from Untamed Youth)
  30. EDDIE COCHRAN - Teenage Heaven (from Go, Johnny, Go!)
  31. EDDIE COCHRAN - Twenty Flight Rock (from The Girl Can’t Help It, 1957 recording)
  32. JULIE LONDON - Cry Me A River (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  33. JULIE LONDON - Easy Street
  34. JULIE LONDON - No Moon At All
  35. JULIE LONDON - When Your Lover Has Gone


  1. FATS DOMINO - Blue Monday (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  2. FATS DOMINO - I’m in Love Again (from Shake, Rattle & Rock
  3. FATS DOMINO - Honey Chile (from Shake, Rattle & Rock!)
  4. FATS DOMINO - Ain’t It A Shame (from Shake, Rattle & Rock!)
  5. FATS DOMINO - Wait And See (from Jamboree)
  6. FATS DOMINO - I’m Walkin’ (from The Big Beat)
  7. FATS DOMINO - The Big Beat (from The Big Beat)
  8. FATS DOMINO - When My Dreamboat Comes Home
  9. FATS DOMINO - What’s The Reason I’m Not Pleasing You
  10. THE TRENIERS - Rockin’ Is Our Bizness (from The Girl Can’t Help It, movie soundtrack)
  11. THE TRENIERS - Rockin’ On Sunday Night (from Don’t Knock The Rock)
  12. THE TRENIERS - Out Of The Bushes (from Don’t Knock The Rock)
  13. THE TRENIERS - Cool It Baby (from Teen Age Rebel)
  14. THE TRENIERS - Oh! Oh! (Get Out Of The Car) (from Jukebox Rhythm)
  15. MILT TRENIER - Day Old Bread (And Canned Beans) (from Calypso Heat Wave)
  16. THE TRENIERS - Rock Calypso Joe (from Calypso Heat Wave)
  17. THE TRENIERS - Rockin’ Is Our Bizness (from The Girl Can’t Help It, OKeh version)
  18. THE PLATTERS - You’ll Never Never Know (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  19. THE PLATTERS - The Great Pretender (from Rock Around The Clock)
  20. THE PLATTERS - Only You (And You Alone) (from Rock Around The Clock)
  21. THE PLATTERS - Bark, Battle And Ball
  22. THE PLATTERS - Remember When
  23. THE PLATTERS - I’m Sorry (from Rock All Night)
  24. THE PLATTERS - He’s Mine (from Rock All Night)
  25. THE PLATTERS - I Wanna
  26. THE PLATTERS - Wish It Were Me (from Girls Town)
  27. “FATS” MURDOCH / RAY ANTHONY - Rock Around The Rock Pile (from The Girl Can’t Help It movie soundtrack)
  28. RAY ANTHONY - Ev’rytime (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  29. RAY ANTHONY - Big Band Boogie (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  30. RAY ANTHONY - The Girl Can’t Help It (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  31. RAY ANTHONY - Rock Around The Rock Pile (from The Girl Can’t Help It)
  32. RAY ANTHONY - The Girl Can’t Help It (Closing Credits) (from The Girl Can’t Help It movie soundtrack)