The Promised Land

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 16 Sep 2013


“Given the compiler’s credentials, one wouldn’t expect any duds and there are none...a formidable set...enough good tracks missing from my collection as to make it a very viable proposition” Now Dig This

“sit back on your sofa and take a scenic’n’sonic car ride around the US... perfect for car journeys” Vintage Rock

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A Rock And Roll Road Map

A seasoned traveller through the rock & roll landscape, Stuart Colman has reached for the gazetteer and unfurled his road map to identify a multitude of stop-offs around the USA and south of the border into Mexico. Every location has been celebrated in song by a fascinating diversity of rock & roll, R&B and country artists. For The Promised Land, the producer and former BBC Radio 1 presenter brings together 50 recordings by artists both familiar (Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, The Drifters, Charlie Rich) and obscure, but unified by the quality of their performances.

Apart from a classic song written and recorded by Chuck Berry, “The Promised Land” is a Biblical reference, a 19th Century novel by the Polish author Władysław Reymont, a networked radio show on NPR, a gospel album by The Del McCoury Band, and an environmentally-themed movie starring Matt Damon. Above all else, “The Promised Land” is an all-embracing term ostensibly used to describe the nation that gave birth to the musical observance known as Rock & Roll.

Those intriguingly-named cities, towns and territories, somehow conjured up a far more exotic way of life to the municipal boroughs and prosaic pastures that most of us dwelt in. Now, with the aid of a map and a compass, we can trace some of the romantic routes and regions that our American cousins so thoughtfully captured in song. So whether you are firing up the Chevy, or comfortably installed in your armchair, prepare for a journey through the heartland of rock & roll.



  1. St Louis Blues (LaVern Baker)
  2. Tuscaloosa Lucy (Whitey Pullen)
  3. California Sun (Joe Jones)
  4. Kansas City March (Wild Jimmy Spruill)
  5. Miami (Eugene Church)
  6. Deep Elem Blues (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  7. Swanee River Rocket (Jimmy Elledge)
  8. Fort Worth Jail (Skeets McDonald)
  9. Bigger Than Texas (Tommy Sands)
  10. Nashville Blues (The Everly Brothers)
  11. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans (Fats Domino)
  12. Dodge City (The Olympics)
  13. Kentucky Waltz (Tom Brown and The Tom Toms)
  14. Philadelphia Baby (Charlie Rich)
  15. Brooklyn Bridge (Bobby Bare)
  16. Amarillo Blues (Bob Luman)
  17. New Mexico (Johnny Cash)
  18. Honolulu Rock-A Roll-A (Moon Mullican)
  19. Springfield Guitar Social (Thumbs Carllile)
  20. Mobile Alabama (Curtis Gordon)
  21. Odessa (Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks)
  22. Sioux City Sue (The Brothers)
  23. Hollywood City (Carl Perkins)
  24. Three Young Rebs From Georgia (Bobby Day)
  25. New York - Hey Hey (Benny Joy)


  1. Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey (Goin’ Back To Birmingham) (Little Richard)
  2. Big Rock Joe (From Kokomo) (Piano Red)
  3. Chat, Chat Chattanooga (Tabby West)
  4. Cincinnati Dancing Pig (Tennessee Ernie Ford)
  5. Tennessee Toddy (Billy Gray and His Western Okies)
  6. Cherokee Boogie (Johnny Horton)
  7. Louisiana Man (Rusty and Doug)
  8. Pennsylvania Blues (Hurricane Harry)
  9. Memphis, Tennessee (Chuck Berry)
  10. Carolina Bound (Bobby Hodge)
  11. East Of The Mississippi (Eddie Fontaine)
  12. South Of The Border (Jimmy Donley)
  13. Acapulco (Roy Tann)
  14. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow (The Monotones)
  15. Idaho Red (Wade Ray)
  16. Birmingham Jail (Warren Storm)
  17. Mean Ol’ Frisco (Arthur Big Boy Crudup)
  18. Tuxedo Junction (Ernie Fields Orchestra)
  19. Goodnight Cincinnati, Good Morning Tennessee (Rusty York)
  20. Baltimore (The Drifters)
  21. Georgianna (Lloyd Price)
  22. New Orleans (Elvis Presley)
  23. Nashville Tennessee (Wendell Smith)
  24. Villa Acuna (Dean Beard)
  25. Juarez Town (Dorsey Burnette)