The Road to Rock & Roll Vol. 3: No Stopping Us Now

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 17 Feb 2014

“...the entertainment quotient is very high, as is the historical worth...Very highly recommended.” Now Dig This

"An amazing journey in music history..." American Music Magazine


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Compiled by music historian and producer Stuart Colman, The Road to Rock & Roll series highlights the surprising wealth of trailblazing American recordings that surfaced in the UK between 1934 and 1955 ahead of the rock & roll explosion. The third and final volume in the series, No Stopping Us Now, concentrates on the period 1954 to 1955 and features a potent mix of American country, rhythm & blues and doo wop. By this time, 7-inch singles rotating at 45rpm were commonplace for most British labels, and the advent of the Dansette offered a relatively portable 4-speed alternative to the bulky but superior-sounding radiogram. With the countdown for rock & roll fast approaching, these auditory developments couldn’t have been better timed.

The Road To Rock & Roll series was commissioned by Fantastic Voyage as a response to Stuart Colman’s “I Shall Be Released” feature, which appeared in leading rock & roll magazine Now Dig This back in January and February 2013. Following the 2013 release of Vol. 1: Jitterbug Jive (which concentrated on the period 1934 to 1952) and Vol. 2: Dangerous Liaisons (1953 to 1954), comes No Stopping Us Now which spotlights both the rhythm & blues of LaVern Baker, Nappy Brown, The Midnighters, Fats Domino, The Platters, Ruth Brown and Louis Jordan, and the country and hillbilly boogie sounds of Merrill Moore, Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant, Merle Kilgore, Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith and Jack Cardwell: seemingly unrelated genres, but unified by their determination to rock, and thus forming the foundations of rock & roll.

What the critics have said about previous volumes in this terrific series:

“a glorious compendium of jazz-minded trailblazers twisting and contorting American music into the form that would become known as rhythm ’n’ blues…priming us for the world-conquering sounds to come”4/5 Record Collector

serves to remind us that the road to rock n roll was well and truly open to traffic during 1953. The compilation closes with a trio of under-reissued gems that may well still be as obscure today as they were when first released here in 1954. A fascinating collection that’ll have you scratching your head in disbelief one moment, then itching to cut a rug the next” Now Dig This



  1. Whiskey, Women And Loaded Dice (Jack Cardwell)
  2. Seeing Double, Feeling Single (Merle Kilgore)
  3. The Automobile Song (Luke McDaniel)
  4. Loop De Loop Mambo (The Four Escorts)
  5. Bump On A Log (Lula Reed)
  6. Earth Angel (The Penguins)
  7. Dim, Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere) (Bill Haley and His Comets)
  8. Take Your Shoes Off Pop (Oscar McLollie)
  9. Hi Lo Boogie (Arthur Smith)
  10. Honey Bunch (The Four Knights)
  11. Tweedle Dee (LaVern Baker)
  12. Hearts Of Stone (The Charms)
  13. Rock And Roll Party (Big Dave)
  14. Rock Love (Eddie Fontaine)
  15. Boogie At Midnight (Boyd Bennett and His Rockets)
  16. Fujiyama Mama (Annisteen Allen)
  17. My Heart’s Delight (Eartha Kitt)
  18. Shtiggy Boom (The Nuggets)
  19. Flip, Flop And Fly (The Goofers)
  20. Swingin’ On The Strings (Speedy West and Jimmy Bryant)
  21. Don’t Be Angry (Nappy Brown)
  22. Crazy ’Bout A Saxophone (Buddy Johnson)
  23. Mama (He Treats Your Daughter Mean) (Ruth Brown)
  24. Me Make Um Pow Wow (The Five Keys)
  25. Kissin’ Bug (The Harris Sisters)


  1. Go Baby Go (The Four Tophatters)
  2. Tennessee Train (The Four Knights)
  3. Ain’t That A Shame (Fats Domino)
  4. Doggone It, You Did It (The Five Keys)
  5. Your Love Has Got Me (Reelin’ And A-Rockin’) (Billy Valentine)
  6. Pitter Patter (Nappy Brown)
  7. Barracuda (Cliffie Stone)
  8. Cry, Cry, Cry (“Texas” Bill Strength)
  9. We’re Gonna Bop (Alvadean Coker)
  10. Seventeen (Boyd Bennett and His Rockets)
  11. My Boy - Flat Top (Dorothy Collins)
  12. Play It Fair (LaVern Baker)
  13. Uranium (The Commodores)
  14. As Long As I’m Moving (Ruth Brown)
  15. Messy Bessy (Louis Jordan)
  16. Daddy-O (Bonnie Lou)
  17. Rock-A-Beatin’ Boogie (Bill Haley and His Comets)
  18. Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue (Has Anybody Seen My Girl) (Merrill Moore)
  19. Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots (The Cheers)
  20. That’s All I Want From You (The York Brothers)
  21. Voo-Vee-Ah-Bee (The Platters)
  22. Annie Had A Baby (The Midnighters)
  23. Just Don’t Care (The Strangers)
  24. Pepper-Hot Baby (Jaye P. Morgan)
  25. I Want You To Be My Baby (Lillian Briggs)