The Sisters Anthology

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 21 Feb 2011



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The Sisters Anthology is a much-needed celebration of four decades of singing sisters.

Compiled by New York-based singer Athan Maroulis, the Sisters Anthology features 32 different US and UK acts, represented by 38 carefully-chosen recordings ranging from the 1924 rendition of “Red Hot Mama” by the Brox Sisters (largely responsible for the post-Vaudeville success of singing sister acts) to the obscure jazz vocal group the Clark Sisters and their 1959 performance of “Take the ‘A’ Train”. Famous featured artists include the Andrews, Fontane, Boswell and McGuire Sisters, while the Gumm, Stafford and Clooney Sisters feature early appearances by Judy Garland, Jo Stafford and Rosemary Clooney respectively.

The selection ranges from hit records to songs recorded for films or radio shows. In his informative sleeve notes Maroulis traces the origins of the singing sisters phenomenon back to the 19th century world of Music Hall, Vaudeville and Burlesque, and on through the advent of recording technology. He provides fascinating biographical details of all featured acts, as well as presenting full recording and first release details for each track.



  1. He’s The Last Word (The Williams Sisters)
  2. Sunday (The Keller Sisters & Lynch)
  3. Red Hot Mama (The Brox Sisters)
  4. Pickin’ Cotton (The Trix Sisters)
  5. Where The Butterflies Kiss The Buttercups Goodnight (The Gumm Sisters)
  6. I’m Following You! (The Duncan Sisters)
  7. Fit As A Fiddle (The Ponce Sisters)
  8. Forty-Second Street (The Boswell Sisters)
  9. Many Moons Ago (The Pickens Sisters)
  10. Dinah (The DeMarco Sisters)
  11. The Object Of My Affection (The Boswell Sisters)
  12. Cross Patch (Alice Faye with The Stafford Sisters)
  13. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (The Andrews Sisters)
  14. Danny Boy (The Moylan Sisters)
  15. Someone's In The Kitchen With Dinah (The Barry Sisters (as The Barrie Sisters))
  16. Rum And Coca-Cola (The Andrews Sisters)
  17. Linger In My Arms A Little Longer, Baby (The Fontane Sisters)
  18. California Sunbeam (The 5 DeMarco Sisters)
  19. Missouri Waltz (The Fontane Sisters)


  1. Buttons And Bows (The Dinning Sisters)
  2. Stardust (The King Sisters)
  3. Euphoria (The Clooney Sisters)
  4. I Don’t Believe Them At All (The Carter Sisters with Chet Atkins)
  5. Basin Street Blues (The Peters Sisters)
  6. Wheel Of Fortune (The Bell Sisters)
  7. Sincerely (The McGuire Sisters)
  8. Teach Me Tonight (The De Castro Sisters)
  9. (My Baby Don't Love Me) No More (The DeJohn Sisters)
  10. Baby, Honey, Baby (The Paris Sisters)
  11. My Yiddishe Momme (The Barry Sisters)
  12. Tonight You Belong To Me (The Lennon Sisters)
  13. Cry Baby (The Bonnie Sisters)
  14. Tonight You Belong To Me (Patience & Prudence)
  15. Tea For Two (The Di Mara Sisters)
  16. Deep Purple (The King Sisters)
  17. S'Wonderful (The Lewis Sisters)
  18. Take The “A” Train (The Clark Sisters)
  19. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight (The McGuire Sisters)