Three Months To Kill: West Coast Rock’n’Roll

Various Artists
FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 19 Sep 2011


"A browse through the titles contained on this double dynamite package should be enough to tempt any discerning rock n roller."  NOW DIG THIS

"This release was compiled the Wild Wax deejay 'Jailhouse' John Alexander, I take my hat off to him for assembling a truly sparkling collection of various shades of quality rockin' music."  AMERICAN MUSIC MAGAZINE

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Having loaded up the station wagon and filled the gas tank, Fantastic Voyage continues its exciting series of regional Rock’n’Roll, a musical travelogue exploring some of the rockin’est recordings from across the US. Combining the glitz’n’glamour of the world’s entertainment epicentre with a freewheeling spirit that harks back to the pioneering days of old, the “Golden State” offers a wealth of rockin’ recordings as diverse and enduring as its endless summer image.

From the C&W honky-tonk circuit to the hit-making hubs of Hollywood and Bakersfield, Three Months To Kill charts the A-listers, the also-rans and the lesser-heard whose wild waxings helped put California on the musical map. From Rock’n’Roll hero Eddie Cochran to Chicano teen star Ritchie Valens, this dynamic 2-CD set motors along the musical highways and byways, pausing en route to pop a nickel in the jukebox and sample the audio delights of local labels such as Challenge, Crest, and Del-Fi, all of which helped define the regional sound.

With contributions from Bakersfield’s Buck Owens and innovative surf guitarist Dick Dale, this nifty sixty also includes ultra rare nuggets from the likes of Chris Clay and Bonnie Blue Bell.Carefully compiled in conjunction with the legendary Wild Wax Show’s deejay “Jailhouse” John Alexander, Three Months To Kill offers a dazzling selection sure to appeal to both avid collectors and those just beginning their journey of discovery.



  1. Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran)
  2. Life Begins At Four O’Clock (Bobby Milano)
  3. Midnighter (The Champs)
  4. King Kong (Big T Tyler)
  5. I Went Rockin’ (Bobby Norris)
  6. Skinny Minnie (Bob Denton)
  7. Walk My Way Back Home (Whitey Pullen)
  8. Hoy Hoy (The Collins Kids)
  9. Red Hot (Bob Luman)
  10. I’m Walkin’ (Ricky Nelson)
  11. Cool It Baby (Dick Lory)
  12. Didn’t It Rock (Jim & Rod)
  13. Snake Eyed Mama (Don Cole)
  14. Ballin' Keen (Bobby & Terry Caraway)
  15. Blue Jean Shuffle (Plas Johnson)
  16. Bim Bam (Sam Butera)
  17. Mr Big Feet (Charlie Bop Trio)
  18. Pity Me (Jackie Lee Cochran)
  19. South’s Gonna Rise Again (Jesse James)
  20. Chicken Rock (Fat Daddy Holmes)
  21. Let’s Go (Bonnie Blue Bell)
  22. Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop (Classroom Hop) (Lew Williams)
  23. He Will Come Back To Me (Alis Lesley)
  24. Bertha Lou (Dorsey Burnette)
  25. Cherrystone (The Addrisi Brothers)
  26. Kee-Ro-Ryin’ (Johnny & Jonie)
  27. Hey Little Car Hop (George Weston)
  28. What’s The Password (Bob & Lucille)
  29. Jessie Pearl (Dick Dale)
  30. Lotta Lovin’ (Gene Vincent)


  1. Three Months To Kill (Huelyn Duvall)
  2. The Hippy Hippy Shake (Chan Romero)
  3. Spark Plug (Four Teens)
  4. Blue Jeans And A Boy’s Shirt (Glen Glenn)
  5. Long Tall Sally (Wanda Jackson)
  6. Rockin’ This Joint Tonight (Kid Thomas)
  7. Hip Shakin’ Baby (Roy Brown)
  8. Lovin’ Lorene (Glen Garrison)
  9. I Chickened Out (Kenny Loran)
  10. Rock’n’Roll Guitar (Johnny Knight)
  11. Pink Cadillac (Sammy Master)
  12. Down The Road A Piece (Merrill Moore)
  13. Chicken Shack (Leroy Van Dyke)
  14. Aladdin Boogie (Amos Milburn)
  15. Willie And The Hand Jive (Johnny Otis Show)
  16. She’s My Witch (Kip Tyler)
  17. Sweet Thing (Buck Owens)
  18. Boo-Be-Ah-Be (Kimball Coburn)
  19. Only Teenagers Allowed (Jackie Walker)
  20. The Crossing (Jim Lowe)
  21. Robinson Crusoe Bop (Sonny Cole)
  22. Latch On (Ron Hargrave)
  23. When I Found You (Jerry Reed)
  24. Do Me No Wrong (Pat Cupp)
  25. Mexicali Baby (The Rio Rockers)
  26. The Worryin’ Kind (Tommy Sands)
  27. Shot Rod Lincoln (Chris Clay)
  28. You Oughta See Grandma Rock (Skeets McDonald)
  29. Good For Nothin’ (Scott Engel)
  30. Ritchie Valens (Scott Engel)