Trouble, Trouble

Lowell Fulson
FORMAT: Audio CD - 3 Disc
Release date: 14 Oct 2013

"This is an excellent collection well worth a listen" Classic Rock Presents The Blues

“one of the most revered blues guitarists of his generation” 4/5 Record Collector




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The Definitive Early Years Collection

 Lowell Fulson is not just a bluesman, he is a historic link between the blues of the 1930s and the blues-singing guitarists of the 1950s. In the late 1930s, he travelled with Texas Alexander, a bluesman who didn’t play an instrument, gaining inspiration from him for “River Blues”. A contemporary of T-Bone Walker, he helped to formulate the style of single-string soloing that became de rigueur for the likes of B.B. King, Pee Wee Crayton, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown and Albert Collins. A native Oklahoman, he nevertheless became associated with West Coast blues, with a series of 1940s hits, among them “Three O’Clock Blues” (which he passed on to B.B. King), “Everyday I Have The Blues”, “Blue Shadows” and the two-part “Lonesome Christmas”.

 From his 1946 debut for Big Town, he was a prolific recorder. In 1954 he scored for Checker with “Reconsider Baby”, which was later covered by Elvis Presley, and he continued to record for Kent and Jewel into the 1970s. His songs were always well-constructed and literate and sung with intimate precision. His guitar-playing was accomplished without indulging the excesses of some of his fellow instrumentalists.

Compiled by blues authority and producer Neil Slaven, Trouble, Trouble covers Lowell Fulson’s recording career from his 1946 debut for Big Town, to his fifties and sixties sessions for Checker, via his many recordings for Down Beat and Swing Time as well as sides released on Scotty’s Radio, Trilon, Aladdin and Cava-Tone. Featuring his first nine R&B Hits, Trouble, Trouble is the definitive collection of the formative years of the influential singer, guitarist and songwriter, before his mid-sixties crossover into the pop charts, which peaked with “Tramp” in 1967.



  1. Crying Blues
  2. You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Gone)
  3. Fulson Blues
  4. San Francisco Blues
  5. Miss Katy Lee Blues
  6. I Want To See My Baby
  7. Scotty’s Blues
  8. The Train Is Leaving
  9. Jelly, Jelly
  10. 9.30 Shuffle
  11. Fulson Boogie
  12. Highway 99
  13. Trying To Find My Baby
  14. Midnight Showers Of Rain
  15. Black Cat Blues
  16. My Baby
  17. My Woman Can’t Be Found
  18. Three O’Clock Blues
  19. I’m Prison Bound
  20. Night And Day
  21. Double Trouble Blues
  22. Stormin’ And Rainin’
  23. Western Union Blues
  24. River Blues Part 1
  25. I Walked All Night


  1. Ain’t Nobody’s Business
  2. Jimmy’s Blues
  3. Everyday I Have The Blues
  4. Rocking After Midnight
  5. Cold Hearted Woman
  6. Low Society Blues
  7. Blue Shadows
  8. Come Back Baby
  9. Baby Won’t You Jump With Me
  10. Sinner’s Prayer
  11. Lonesome Christmas Part 1
  12. Lonesome Christmas Part 2
  13. I’m A Night Owl Part 1
  14. Blues With A Feelin’
  15. Let Me Ride Your Little Automobile
  16. Fulson’s Guitar Boogie
  17. The Day Is Slowly Passing On
  18. Best Wishes
  19. I’ve Been Mistreated
  20. Ride Until The Sun Goes Down
  21. The Blues Come Rollin’ In
  22. My Daily Prayer
  23. Is Your Friend Really Your Friend
  24. Let Me Love You Baby
  25. Market Street Blues


  1. Don’t Leave Me Baby
  2. Blues Never Fail
  3. Chuck With The Boys
  4. You’ve Gotta Reap
  5. Reconsider Baby
  6. I Believe I’ll Give It Up
  7. Check Yourself
  8. Loving You
  9. Trouble, Trouble
  10. I Still Love You Baby
  11. It’s A Long Time
  12. It’s All Your Fault Baby (It’s Your Own Fault)
  13. Tollin’ Bells
  14. (It) Took A Long Time
  15. Please Don’t Go
  16. Don’t Drive Me Baby
  17. You’re Gonna Miss Me
  18. That’s Alright
  19. Coming Home
  20. Have You Changed Your Mind
  21. I’m Glad You Reconsidered
  22. I Want To Know Parts 1 & 2
  23. So Many Tears
  24. Hung Down Head
  25. Shed No Tears