TV Action Jazz from the ABC-TV Series International Detective

Edwin Astley
FORMAT: Audio CD - Disc
Release date: 1 Jan 1970



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Directed by A Edward Sutherland, International Detective ran between December 1959 and June 1961. It followed the investigations of Ken Franklin (US actor Art Fleming) for the William J. Burns International Detective Agency. The soundtrack album was released on Ember in 1960 (EMB 3304), credited to the TV All Stars directed by Edwin Astley.  All compositions bar the Leroy Holmes/Sid Shaw-penned title theme are composed by Edwin Astley. Best known for his work on The Saint theme, in the early ’50s Astley had arranged for the popular band leader Geraldo, led his own Ted Astley Orchestra and composed for other performers. Work for British TV series in the ’50s and ’60s included Danger Man, The Adventures Of Robin Hood, Department S, Randall And Hopkirk (Deceased), The Baron, Gideon’s Way and Civilisation. The album also surfaced in the Ember Mood Music Library series (ERL 3306), under the title of Action Themes, albeit with all tracks bar the title theme renamed. We have used the titles as listed on EMB 3304 and tacked on a longer version of the title theme, which first surfaced on the various artists compilation Great Music From Motion Pictures And Television Shows (Ember NR 5030).



  1. International Detective (Instrumental)
  2. Murder Strip
  3. Theme For Larceny
  4. Night Patrol
  5. The Badge
  6. Manhunt
  7. Shock Tactics
  8. Murder Chase
  9. International Detective (Instrumental Reprise)
  10. International Detective (Vocal)
  11. The Menace
  12. Concerto In Law
  13. The Net
  14. After Dark
  15. Gang Busters
  16. Ten Four!
  17. Opus In Blue
  18. The Avenger
  19. International Defender
  20. International Detective (Vocal Reprise)
  21. International Detective (Instrumental, Version)