Twistin’ USA

Various Artists
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FORMAT: Audio CD - 2 Disc
Release date: 10 Apr 2013


“digs a little deeper...a booting sax solo never seems to be too far away” Now Dig This

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50 Great Dance Floor Moments Of The 60s

 It’s1961 and the breakout of the Twist as a global trend is just the shot in the arm that the music business has been looking for in the wake of the payola scandal. The fall-out from this disturbing debacle has been far greater than anyone might imagine. Many key radio stations across the United States have panicked and changed their formats from rock & roll to “quality music”, with the result that listening figures have dropped away almost as fast as the advertisers. Then suddenly, before you can say “Round and round and up and down we go again”, there is a light on the horizon. The Twist has put the fun back into everyone’s daily diet of pop music, and a multitude of animated recordings have resulted.

For Twistin’ USA music historian, producer and former BBC Radio 1 rock & roll show presenter Stuart Colman has dug deep into the vaults to round up 50 US Twist-centric tracks from the golden years of the dance craze that swept the world. Not for Stuart the obvious big hits, which have become staples of Sixties compilations. Even artists like Chubby Checker, Sam Cooke, the Isley Brothers and Hank Ballard & the Midnighters, who all hit big with Twist titles, are represented by less obvious tracks. They are joined by artists both famous (Fats Domino, Gary US Bonds, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Shirelles, Danny & the Juniors, Crystals, even Muddy Waters) and obscure for a selection that will delight connoisseurs of rock & roll and sixties pop. So roll back the rug, put on Twistin’ USA and get gyrating.



  1. Can’t Stop Twistin’ (The Adventurers)
  2. Twistin’ In The Old Town Tonight (Sam Cooke)
  3. Dance With Mr Domino (Fats Domino)
  4. Whistler’s Twist (Elson Smith)
  5. Dear Lady Twist (Gary US Bonds)
  6. Twistin’ USA (Chubby Checker)
  7. South Pacific Twist (The Rocky Fellers)
  8. Twistin’ Pneumonia (The Genies)
  9. Meet Me At The Twistin’ Place (Johnny Morisette)
  10. The Witch’s Twist (Mandrake)
  11. Twistin’ And Kissin’ (Ronnie and the Hi-Lites)
  12. Good Twistin’ Tonight (Hank Ballard and the Midnighters)
  13. Twist ’62 (Jerry McCain)
  14. Bristol Twistin’ Danny (The Sherrys)
  15. I’ve Been Twistin’ (Jerry Lee Lewis)
  16. Dance To The Locomotion (Teddy Randazzo)
  17. New Orleans Twist (Blazer Boy)
  18. Twistin’ With Linda (Isley Brothers)
  19. Come On Let’s Twist (Freddy Tino and the Twisting Cyclones)
  20. Twistin’ Matilda (Jimmy Soul)
  21. Walk On The Wild Side Twist (Titus Turner)
  22. Queen Of The Twist (Johnny Otis)
  23. Twistin’ In The USA (The Shirelles)
  24. Twistin’ At The Top (Bobby Swanson)
  25. Twistin’ All Night Long (Danny and the Juniors)


  1. Whole Lotta Twistin’ Goin’ On (Mickey Gilley)
  2. The Twist (Johnny Preston)
  3. Boogie Woogie Twist (Jack Hammer)
  4. Big Bad Jon The Twister (Jon Kennedy)
  5. The Continental Twist (The Marvels)
  6. Twistin’ Train (Don Covay and the Goodtimers)
  7. The Lemon Twist (Al Henderson)
  8. The Frankenstein Twist (The Crystals)
  9. Twisteree (Judy Jae and the Moonglows)
  10. Twist With Me Henry (Damita Jo)
  11. It’s Twistin’ Time (Hank Ballard and the Midnighters)
  12. That Twistin’ Feeling (Betty and Rose)
  13. Everybody’s Twistin’ (Darren Lee)
  14. Muddy Waters’ Twist (Muddy Waters)
  15. Twist And Freeze USA (Orlie and the Saints)
  16. Sister Twister (Carl Perkins)
  17. Mister Twister (The Shirelles)
  18. Insistin’ On Twistin’ (Fats and the Chessmen)
  19. Shoutin’ Twist (The Teen Tones)
  20. Oh! Ma-Ma Twist (Sam Butera and the Witnesses)
  21. Texarkana Twist (Louis Jordan)
  22. Twistin’ The Night Away (The Marvelettes)
  23. Camptown Twist (Sam Cooke)
  24. Twist, Twist Senora (Gary US Bonds)
  25. 25. Lose Your Inhibitions Twist (Chubby Checker)