Whole Lotta Tony (Ember Jazz Originals)

Tony Crombie & His Friends
FORMAT: Audio CD - 1 Disc
Release date: 5 Dec 2011


"A gentle bunch that swings with a pastel intensity"  JAZZWAX



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Founded in 1952, the Flamingo in Wardour Street played host to both the cream of visiting US jazz musicians and also the emerging British talent. It is the latter on which the Ember Jazz Originals series focuses primarily. During the Fifties, Flamingo founder Jeffrey Kruger built up his interests in music publishing and also facilitated recordings of some of his favourite artists, initially placing them with established outlets. Then in 1960, the first British jazz releases appeared on his own Ember label, both reissues of material previously placed elsewhere, and releases of entirely new repertoire.

Whole Lotta Tony was recorded and released in 1961 on Ember, and credited to Tony Crombie & His Friends. Drummer Crombie’s CV to date had included performing with big bands, some “rock & roll” recordings as Tony Crombie & His Rockets, leading the London Jazz Quartet (which included Tubby Hayes, Alan Branscome and Jack Fallon), and working on soundtracks, including the TV series Man From Interpol. For Whole Lotta Tony, Crombie’s friends are Tommy Whittle (tenor clarinet, bass clarinet), Harold McNair (alto saxophone, flute), Gordon Beck (piano, harpsichord), and bassists Malcolm Cecil and Bobby Wellins.

The album is now making its debut on CD, housed in the original Ember sleeve, with a booklet that reproduces the original sleeve notes and labels.



  1. Get Bucket (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  2. Keep It Light (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  3. Look For The Real Thing (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  4. Flute Salad (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  5. Brazilia (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  6. Stop That Man (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  7. Round The 'Ouses (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  8. Penthouse Party (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  9. The Gang-Busters (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  10. Yodellin' (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  11. Just Like Old Times (Tony Crombie & His Friends)
  12. Journey's End (Tony Crombie & His Friends)